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Specialization: tree removals. 

Our professionally trained arborists can tackle any tree.

We have the equipment and experience to do the job right.

​No job is too big for our team.

Tree Removal with Crane

Most of our larger trees we now take down exclusively with our remote-controlled telescopic knuckle boom crane.

Using the crane helps to reduce the wear and tear on your yard or landscape during the removal process. It also eliminates the chance of injury to a climber going aloft. Using our crane for your job speeds it up.

We can do in one day what a multiple-person crew could do in three days. 

Tree Removal with Climber

In the event that our crane will not reach your tree, we will take it down in small pieces via rope the traditional way — with a climber.

Our climbers are highly skilled, with 15-30 years' experience. We have worked within confined areas, meticulously manicured gardens and properties with delicate features. Matched with our mini skid-steer, we can move large pieces through an opening as small as 36".  

We try to clean up our work site at the end of every day on the job. We like to keep our sites neat and tidy so that our customers can still enjoy a cookout in their backyard and kids can play safely. 

We follow all OSHA guidelines and use state-of-the-art safety equipment on every job. This insures that all of our work is done safely. We are members of both the ISA and TCIA. We attend all expos and safety meetings to keep our safety senses sharp. 

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding is done with a 4-wheel drive self propelled stump grinder.
With 74-horsepower, it is capable of grinding the largest of stumps down to very small ones. It can be manipulated to fit through a 36" gate, and can grind at depths of 2 feet deep. However, stump grinding normally consists of depths ranging 2-4" deep. 

The grinding process leaves behind shredded mulch mixed with dirt. We recommend leaving the stump grindings at the site of where the stump was ground for at least two to three months to allow for settling. It gives nature time to wash the dirt back into the ground and naturally separates it from the mulch. If you are planning on planting grass where the stump was then this is a must.

(If the grindings are removed right away and topsoil is brought in and grass is planted, then in 6 months' time there will be a low spot in the yard where the stump was because it was not given a chance to settle.) 

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